Audit Committee

Our audit committee is accountable to the Board of Directors for the performance of its duties. The scope of authority, duties and responsibilities of the audit committee are summarised as follows:

  • To review our financial reporting to ensure that it is correct and sufficient;
  • To review our internal controls and the internal audit system to ensure that they are appropriate and efficient;
  • To review our compliance with applicable securities laws, the SET’s regulations, and laws applicable to our business;
  • To consider, select, and to propose the appointment and remuneration of our auditors;
  • To consider our disclosure of information concerning related party transactions that are subject to our connected transaction and conflicts of interest policy, to ensure that they are accurate and complete, and to consider and approve such transactions and submit them for approval by our Board of Directors and/or the shareholders;
  • To prepare reports of the audit committee that will be disclosed in our annual report; which report shall be signed by the chairman of the audit committee; and
  • To perform any other act assigned by our Board of Directors and as agreed to by the audit committee.