Risk Management Committee

Our risk management committee is nominated by our nomination remuneration committee and is appointed by our Board of Directors. Our risk management committee consists of two directors. The members of our risk management committee are summarised as follows:

  1. 1. Mr. Peter Warren Chairman
  2. 2. Mr. Ross Coyle Member

The scope of authority, duties and responsibilities of our risk management committee include the following:

  • To define the policy framework and process for risk management;
  • To promote and implement the risk strategy and policy by enhancing the level of risk awareness within the Company, and through the development of appropriate procedures and commitment of resources;
  • To maintain a company-wide view of risk that relate to the corporate direction and then recommend mitigation strategies to manage risks to be within the acceptable level;
  • To ensure adequate level of oversight and support is being provided to address strategic risk, financial risk, business operation risk, political risk, regulatory risk, environmental risk and safety risk;
  • To support the monitoring of risks across the Company and report to the board of directors; and
  • To perform other duties relevant to the risk management committee as assigned by the Board of Directors.