Akara Resources owns and operates the largest gold mine in Thailand in terms of ore and gold production at the Chatree Mining Complex. The Chatree Mining Complex is located approximately 280 kilometres north of Bangkok and straddles the Phichit and Phetchabun Provinces in Central Thailand. The Chatree Mining Complex is comprised of the Chatree South ore field, which began commercial production in November 2001, and the Chatree North ore field, which began production in November 2008. The Complex also includes the Chatree Processing Plants.

Location of the Chatree Mining Complex.


We commissioned our original metallurgical processing plant in conjunction with the development of Chatree South in 2001. The original plant had a nameplate capacity of 1.0 million tonnes per annum, which capacity was subsequently increased to 2.3 million tonnes per annum respectively. In November 2012, we increased the total nameplate processing capacity at the Chatree Mining Complex to 5.0 million tonnes per annum by construction of a new Processing Plant. The expanded Chatree Processing Plant is currently operating at 6.2 million tonnes per annum.